Dr. Christina E. Weinberg, née Lünse

2017-present Principal Investigator at Leipzig University
2013-2016 Postdoc with Ronald R. Breaker at Yale University, USA
2009-2012 PhD at University of Bonn with Günter Mayer, Thesis: Riboswitches
as new antibacterial drug targets
2004-2009 Diplom in Molecular Biomedicine, University of Bonn, Thesis with
Michael Famulok on primary micro RNA processing

2020 Postdoc fellowship Peter and Traudl Engelhorn Foundation
2016 6-month return fellowship, DFG, LU1889/2-1, host: Mario Mörl
2-year research fellowship, DFG, LU1889/1-1;
2-year research fellowship, German Academic Exchange Service
(DAAD), declined

V. Janett Olzog, MSc.

since 2018 PhD student
2017-2018   Pre-Doc Award of the Research Academy Leipzig with Christina
Weinberg (Leipzig University)
2015-2017   Master of Science in Biochemistry (Biotechnology and
Environmental Biochemistry) (Leipzig University)
2012-2015 Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, Thesis in the laboratory of
Mario Mörl (Leipzig University)

Activities and interests
since 2019             member of the t.e.a.m. program for graduate students
since 2017             member of the student initiative btS Leipzig
since 2016            partner acrobatic, dancing Rock’n’Roll

phone: +49 341 97 38523 mail:

Richard Friedrich, BSc.

2020-2021 Winner of Pre-Doc Award of the Research Academy with Christina
Weinberg (Leipzig University)
2017-present Master of Science Biochemistry (University of Leipzig)
2014-2017 Bachelor of Science Biochemistry; Thesis in the laboratory of
John T. Heiker (University of Leipzig)

Activities and interests
board game nights, beard culture, beer tasting, blood donation, and – of course – biochemistry!

phone: +49 341 97 36974 mail:

Yuliia Lihanova, BSc.

2018-present Master of Science in Biology (Leipzig University)
2015-2018 Bachelor of Science in Biology; thesis in the laboratory of
Alexandra Müllner-Rhiehl (Leipzig University)
04/2018-present Student assistant in the Max Planck Institute for
Evolutionary Anthropology, Department of Evolutionary
Genetics, Leipzig
04/2018-06/2018 Student assistant in the working group of Professor
Zimmermann (Microbiology and Biotechnology) at Leipzig

Activities and interests
playing the piano at a professional level
captain of an amateur team at the intellectual competition “What? When? Where?” (Что?Где?Когда?)
Sports lover: figure skating, football (esp. Italian professional league)

phone: +49 341 97 36923 mail:

Former Group Members

  • Lena Philipp
  • Caroline De Feyter
  • Marina Wolff