Dr. Christina E. Weinberg, née Lünse

Principal Investigator at Leipzig University
Postdoc with Ronald R. Breaker at Yale University, USA
PhD at University of Bonn with Günter Mayer, Thesis: Riboswitches as new antibacterial drug targets
Diplom in Molecular Biomedicine, University of Bonn, Thesis with Michael Famulok on primary micro RNA processing

2020 Postdoc fellowship Peter and Traudl Engelhorn Foundation
2016 6-month return fellowship, DFG, LU1889/2-1, host: Mario Mörl
2-year research fellowship, DFG, LU1889/1-1;
2-year research fellowship, German Academic Exchange
Service (DAAD), declined

Jan A. Dewald, MSc.

Pre-Doc Award of the Research Academy Leipzig with Christina Weinberg (Leipzig University)
Master of Science in Biochemistry (Leipzig University)
Research assistant with Bachelor degree in the lab of Andreas J. Müller (University of Magdeburg)
Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg); Thesis in the laboratory of Andreas J. Müller (University of Magdeburg)
Internship at Strathclyde University Glasgow in the group of Paul Herron

Activities and interests
almost any kind of ball sport (football, volleyball, handball etc.), bouldern, jogging, badminton, board games, casual gaming

phone: +49 341 97 36974 mail:

Jessy-Lee Fournes, BSc.

since 2021
Master’s student in Biochemistry (Leipzig University)

Bachelor of Science in Bioanalytics (Hochschule Coburg), Thesis in the laboratory of Dr. Dirk Kuhlmeier at the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology Leipzig

Assistent scientist at the Institute for Sensor and Actuator Technology Coburg

Activities and interests
any kind of outdoor activity (hiking, riding, climbing etc.), fitness, literature, baking, travelling

phone: +49 341 97 36923 mail:

Paul M. Tarlatt

since 2020
Biochemistry studies at Leipzig University

2019 – 2020
Orientation studies at TU Braunschweig – lectures in several natural science courses

Work Experience
since 2022
Research project at Rudolf Schönheimer Institute for Biochemistry – Antibody staining of larval Drosophila neuroblasts to determine spindle orientation during mitosis

2022 – 2023
Tutor for Principles of Biochemistry at Leipzig University

since 2021
Student assistant at Rudolf Schönheimer Institute for Biochemistry

Activities and interests
Member of junior-GBM (Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) in Leipzig, podcasts, fitness, nutrition, travelling

phone: +49 341 97 36974 mail:

Lisa-Maria Wagner, BSc.

10/2022- present

Master’s of Science in Biochemistry (Leipzig University)

Bachelor of Science in Biology (Leipzig University); Thesis in microbial interaction ecology in the laboratory of Antonis Chatzinotas at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research Leipzig

Commerzbank Environmenal Internship at the visitor center of the tideland UNESCO World Heritage site in Wilhelmshaven

Activities and interests
active member of NaturFreunde, member of DRK-Wasserwacht, guild dance

phone: +49 341 97 36974 mail:

Former Group Members

  • Anna Szynkarek (bachelor’s thesis)
  • Elena Jadzewski (internship)
  • Dr. V. Janett Olzog (master’s & PhD thesis)
  • Lena I. Freist (master’s thesis)
  • Dominik Tegl (bachelor’s thesis)
  • Andrine Frank (internship)
  • Richard Friedrich (master’s thesis, pre-doc)
  • Maria Dittmar (internship, master’s studies, Münster University)
  • Melanie Schulz (master’s thesis)
  • Yuliia Lihanova (master’s thesis)
  • Lena Philipp (bachelor’s thesis)
  • Caroline De Feyter (bachelor’s thesis, Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Antwerp, Belgium)
  • Marina Wolff (research assistant)

Group Fotos


Back row: Dominik Tegel, Richard Friedrich
Middle row: Lena Freist, Melanie Schulz, Jan Dewald
Front row: Janett Olzog, Christina Weinberg
Left to right: Richard Friedrich, Dominik Tegl, Melanie Schulz, Lena Freist, Janett Olzog, Jan Dewald, Christina Weinberg


Back row: Richard Friedrich, Janett Olzog
Front row: Christina Weinberg, Yuliia Lihanova


Christina Weinberg, Janett Olzog
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